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We as humans always accused the wrong macro nutrient especially fat to be the villain of various metabolic disorders faced by mankind and the main culprit always got absolved in some way or the other. Yes the macronutrient which has brought upon us epidemic diseases such obesity, diabetes and many more. How many members from your own family do you see feasting on fats may be none yet they have gained excess weight around their waist in some way or the other. Does that mean there is something else displayed on the supermarket or grocery store shelves that makes way into our homes which is not that benign to our health. It’s time we reveal the main macro nutrient that has the tendency to make us look physically obnoxious.Yes it’s our beloved macro nutrient carbohydrate which has become an essential part of our sustenance. However today we are going to discuss more about a particular carbohydrate food named “Wheat” that is consumed on daily basis especially in our country in some way or the other form and spares nobody from it’s ill effects. For us to know more about this abhorrent grain we need to go back in history. Wheat has been a part of our diet for many thousand years and its just not the same wheat that we consume today. Our ancestors used to consume a particular breed of wheat named einkorn having a 14 chromosome coding which later got replaced by emmer wheat with a coding of 28 chromosomes(triticum turgidum). However the wheat that was consumed in the past few hundred years named triticum aestivum had a coding of 42 chromosomes which very much remained the wheat till the mid twentieth century. The wheat that we consumed today is genetically modified version of triticum aestivum named dwarf wheat or semi dwarf wheat and its just not same wheat that our ancestors ate. It’s hybridised year after year to increase it’s yield so that the demand could be met with little to none supervision being done on how it will affect a human body post consumption.

This dwarf wheat is part of our every day meals harming our bodies in so many ways. Most of us must maybe quite familiar with celiac disease which is caused by gluten. Gluten is wheat protein which has two sub protein components gliadin and glutenin. People suffering with celiac disease usually show symptoms of diarrhoea, abdominal pain which later results in disruption of the intestinal lining. The broken down intestinal lining allows various components of wheat to gain entry to places they don’t belong such as bloodstream. Antibodies against wheat gliadin one of the component of gluten can be found in the blood. It also causes the body to generate antibodies against components of the disrupted intestinal lining itself such as transglutaminase and endomysium, two protiens of intestinal muscle that also provide the basis for the two other antibody test for diagnosis of celiac, transglutaminase and endomysium antibodies. Apart from these there are genetic markers for human leukocyte antigens or HLADQ2 -HLADQ8, that if present make the bearer more likely to develop celiac disease. More than 80 percent of people who have celiac disease diagnosed by intestinal biopsy have either of these two HLA markers, most common the HLA DQ2. Recent studies show that gluten has the potential of affecting our eating behaviour as well. When gluten is metabolised in the small intestine a compound named exorphins or gluteomorphins is released which passes through the blood brain barrier and binds itself to the morphine receptors the same receptors to which opiate drugs bind indulging us into overeating. This is the reason why we can’t resist the temptation of eating another slice of pizza or a chocolate muffin. Today supermarkets have most of their shelves stuffed with wheat products claimed as healthy by food manufacturing companies making their way into our intestine in many forms such cereals, whole wheat bread, pasta and many more.

The next article is even more enlightening so stay tuned to know about how our beloved macronutrient CARBOHYDRATE wreaks havoc and leads us to some more serious health issues.

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